Maybe Someday

Sydney shares an apartment with her best friend, she’s in an almost 2-year relationship with her boyfriend and she’s finishing up her final year of undergrad as a music major. Life was pretty good for Sydney. But that all comes crumbling down when the hot and mysterious guitar player Ridge, who happens to be her neighbor, lets her know that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. Now, she’s heartbroken, homeless and unsure of what she can or should do next. Ridge lets her take the empty bedroom in the four room apartment he shares with Warren, his best friend & Bridgette, the snarky mean girl. What starts off as a business arrangement (writing lyrics for his brother Brennan’s band) quickly turns into a story of hardship, self-discovery, and forbidden love.

 Colleen Hoover in collaboration with musician Griffin Peterson created a soundtrack which allowed the reader to read and listen to the lyrics Ridge & Sydney write throughout the book.

Maybe Someday was the first of Colleen Hoover’s books that I’ve read, and I went in with medium expectations. However, the story was captivating, heart-wrenching and tangible. The character development was more centered around Ridge and Sydney, rather than the other characters. But I really enjoyed the pace of their relationship and story overall. Although there were some moments, especially in the beginning, where I felt the story was a bit slow.

Since it is contemporary fiction, Maybe Someday has the the typical forbidden star-crossed lovers trope that is somewhat common in this genre. However, it made the story that more enjoyable.

The soundtrack was an added bonus that helped me dive into the story even more. While reading the poetry of the lyrics on its own places you front and center to all of  their feelings for each other, the music pulls you into the raw emotions and makes you love the story even more. I also developed a liking to particular songs over others.

Overall this was a really good story. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys loves a good romance and enjoys contemporary fiction



If you’ve read or plan to read this book, I recommend reading the novella Maybe Not afterwards, which follows Warren & Bridgette’s story. Also the sequel Maybe Now is available on Wattpad!