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Hey there Bookwyrms! Its Thursday (Happy July 4th!) and I’m doing a special back to back week of *drum roll* Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger or #Bookshark!

So, without further adieu, let’s put our hands together for my next guest!!

Name &/or @handle: @old.enough.for.fairytales

Jourdan’s a #bookstagrammer!

City: Chattanooga, TN

Favorite Genre (s): YA fantasy primarily, but during the summer you can find me reading contemporary! I also enjoy YA WWII historical fiction.


What are two books we’d find in your beach/pool bag?

Definitely something by SJ Maas…probably ACOWAR since I’m working on my 4th series reread! And then a C.S. Lewis book. Most likely one of his non-fiction pieces since I’m trying to read all of those! Right now I’m about to start Miracles. 
I realize those two books and authors couldn’t be more different, but I love them both!

Interviewer interruption: They are sort of on opposite sides of the spectrum, but I’d probably have an ACOMAF and Mere Christianity in my beach or pool bag. So we can be weirdos together lol

Who are your top 3 auto-buy authors? List a favorite book from each.

Minus C.S. Lewis since it isn’t like he’s releasing anything new, I will ALWAYS buy anything written by SJ Maas, Jeff Zentner, and Ruta Sepetys. All of their books have grown me and challenged me, and that’s what I want out of my reading experiences! If you’re new to any of those authors, I recommend A Court of Thorns and Roses by SJ Maas (a gorgeous YA fantasy…also a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast!), The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner (a beautiful YA contemporary…but make sure you bring the tissues), and Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys (a YA WWII historical fiction story about the greatest maritime disaster in history…which I can almost guarantee you’ve never even heard of). 

What do you think is the most time consuming (taking photos, typing up posts, coming up with captions, reading ARCs etc.) thing in the book community? Why?

I love writing, so I’ve never struggled with captions or writing reviews, but I do sometimes struggle with reading ARCs! I’m a HUGE mood reader, so I have to be very careful and selective about the ARCs I request and agree to read. If I’m not convinced I’ll love it, I typically pass on the book because I know that reading it will feel like a chore. I admire people who can sit down and read the next book on their TBR regardless of what they’re in the mood to read…unfortunately that will never be me! 

What do you like most about the book community? Least?

I love how it’s an outlet for us book nerds to express our creativity and love for books in a unique way. Everyone tends to be welcoming and kind and I feel like those two characteristics are so hard to come by! While real life people usually question my hobby… “wait, you take pictures of books? And post them on Instagram?”, my online book friends are typically my biggest cheerleaders. I love that!

Other than the mysterious, nonsensical algorithm, I dislike some of the tendencies to cast judgement on people who read certain books or love certain authors. I’ve felt judgement for only reading YA because “omg it’s for tEeNaGeRs!!!” and for loving SJM “like eww it’s just a bunch of smut and has zero substance.” I don’t expect everyone to love the same books I love or to even understand why I choose to only read YA and to obsess over SJ Maas, but that doesn’t mean we should look down on people whose reading choices differ from ours. Adult fiction is not superior to YA fiction. Reading Robert Jordan fantasy doesn’t make you more of an intellectual than readers of SJ Maas fantasy. And people who see Snape’s character flaws and refuse to idolize him can still be Harry Potter fans! [Yes, these examples are all based on things I’ve been told in real life conversations.] There needs to be more room for a variety of reading tastes and we need to stop making assumptions and casting judgement based upon reading preferences.

Another Interruption : As a devoted SJ Maas fan myself and someone who enjoys YA fantasy over Adult fantasy, I completely understand where you’re coming from. And I agree with you, we should not judge someone based on their reading preferences!

And finally, ask a question for the next #bookstagrammer, #blogger or #bookshark

What book or author made you fall in love with reading?

Thank you Jourdan for allowing us to get to know you! I had a lot of fun reading your responses and I’m glad to have met another Maassassin!!

If you’d like to see some of Jourdan’s stunning bookstagram pictures, click the link down below.


Be on the lookout tomorrow for my next guest!!

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