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Hey there Bookwyrms! Its Friday and that means *drum roll* It’s time for … Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger & #Bookshark!

Without further adieu, let’s put our hands together for my next guest!!

Name &/or @handle: Jordan, @readwithwine

Jordan’s a #bookstagrammer #blogger & #BookShark

City: San Antonio TX (fresh “off the boat” from Australia!)

Favorite Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Women’s Lit, YA Fantasy, & YA “coming of age”


What are two books we’d find in your beach/pool bag?

YA – My Sister Sif by Ruth Park (it’s a very old read but it has everything you want in an island story)

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

What are you currently reading? How is it so far?

I am currently reading “In At The Deep End” by Kate Davies, published June 4th 2019 by HMHBooks. I picked it up as an #OwnVoices read for #PrideMonth and I am in HYSTERICS. Dubbed as a lesbian Bridget Jones- I didn’t particularly love Bridget Jones, but this novel has me laughing so hard. It is NSFW – there is a lot of sex talk in it but I am dying laughing. If you listen to the podcast “My Dad Wrote a Porno” you will totally love this book.  

Interviewer Interruption: I’m also not a fan of Bridget Jones but this sounds amazing. Nothing like a little NSFW, humor and #OwnVoices to make you want to pick up a book. I’ll definitely have to take a gander.

Apart from books, what do you love to do? What are some of your hobbies?

I love running and gaming. Now Summer is upon us I am getting outdoors for some hiking and tubing around Texas!

For running I love the app Zombies! Run! – which is co-written by Naomi Alderman who wrote The Power in 2017. It’s like a read your won adventure while running, I feel like I’m Lara Croft escaping zombies. I get my run in and I get a great story! 

What’s your favorite childhood book?

The Chronicles of Narnia !

And finally, Physical, E-book or Audiobook, which do you prefer?

Physical wins every time – I love the smell of books and cradling a book I love.

But I have grown to appreciate the digital versions of books – audio makes it so easy to drive or multitask, and ebooks are much more convenient to travel with. 

Interviewer Interruption: I completely agree with you. There’s nothing like holding your next adventure in your hands and leafing through the pages. But e-books and audiobooks are so accessible when I’m on the run or traveling.

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you better Jordan! I’m definitely adding The Sister Sif and In At The Deep to my ever growing TBR!

Check out Jordan’s beautiful blog and bookstagram feed by clicking the links down below.

Read | With | Wine


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