Meet the #bookstagrammer – Faviola

Hey there Bookwyrms! Its Friday and that means *drum roll* It’s time for … Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger & #Bookshark!

Without further adieu, let’s put our hands together for my next guest!!

Name & @ handle: Faviola, @withbooks

Faviola’s a #Bookstagrammer

City: Austin, TX

Favorite Genres: YA Fantasy is my all-time favorite, followed by historical fiction. Although I will say that in order for me to truly love any book, it has to have some type of romance aspect in it. Also while I don’t read ‘pure’ romance that often, I do enjoy it every now and then!


What do you like most about the book community? The least?

This is certainly a difficult question to answer! Lets see, my favorite thing about the bookstagram community is being able to talk to people that have similar interests as you and being able to share thoughts and ideas and, of course, fangirling about our favorite characters. As for the least, I think it would have to be the pressure it can sometimes bring. When I first started on bookstragram, I felt that I had to post everyday or I would lose likes and followers and therefore have a lower chance of being chosen as a rep and it was really wearing me out, but just this year I decided to take a step back and just enjoy it. Oh and I also despise that there are sometimes spoilers. 

Physical, E-book or Audiobook, Which do you prefer?

Physical all the way! There is just something about holding a book and getting lost in the pages, but just because I love physical books the most, doesn’t mean I am opposed to the others. While on vacation I tend to use my eReader more often because of the convenience of it and I also like to listen to audiobooks on my commute to work as I have a 2 hour commute each work day. 

Interviewer Interruption: I completely agree with you! I actually started listening to audiobooks because of my commute to work. I’d gotten tired of listening to the radio or music and wanted to be able to finish a book I was reading. And now I find it so much more convenient when I’m on the move.

What are your favorite movie or tv show adaptations?

So far, I would have to say that The Hunger Games trilogy is one of my favorites! I think they did justice to those books. There are many more adaptations out there, but I am sorry to say that I haven’t read the books so I don’t think I can give my opinion on those. I am currently reading the Harry Potter books for the first time (I know, I know) and I think they did the first 2 books so well but as I get further on, I see that they did stray from the books a bit and I can understand why. 

What do you think is the most time consuming (taking photos, typing up posts, coming up with captions, reading ARCs etc.) thing in the book community? Why?

Taking photos, while it can be time consuming, is the most fun part for me. I love being able to find new ways of showcasing a product or books and seeing what books and colors look well together. The most tedious part is typing up the post and caption because I often don’t really know what to say and I tend to ramble. Also, while I love asking questions in every post in order to be able to interact with followers and such, it can also be a bit difficult to think of new questions everytime. 

And finally, apart from books, what do you love to do? What are some of your hobbies?

Traveling is a huge hobby of mine. I try to go to one new place a year whether it be a new town or a new country. Other than that, I would say watching movies. I am a huge movie fantatic and enjoy watching all sorts of movies but some of my top favorites are Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Romantic Comedies. 

Thank you Faviola for allowing us to get to know you better! We won’t judge you for finally picking up the Harry Potter series lol

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