Meet the #Bookstagrammer & #BookShark – Michelle

Hey there Bookwyrms! Its Friday and that means *drum roll* It’s time for … Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger & #Bookshark!

Without further adieu, let’s put our hands together for my next guest!!

Name & @handle: Michelle, @come_read_with_me

Michelle’s a #bookstagrammer and #BookShark

Country: Ireland

Favorite Genres: Romance and Comedy


Do you re-read books? What are some of your favorites/go-to’s?

Yes all the time. I re-read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley or any books by RS Grey!

What genre interests you the least? Why?

Horror. I am a complete chicken! I am literally scared of my own shadow so this is a big no no for me haha

Interviewer Interruption: Omg me too! I mean, I’m not scared of my own shadow but I absolutely don’t like to be scared at all. So I have never and will never pick up a horror book either!

Who are your top 3 bookish villains?

Voldemort (Harry Potter),

Miss Trunchbull (Matilda),

Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) 

How do you feel about giveaways?

I have never done one but maybe in the future.

Interviewer Interruption: It’s a great experience if you decide to do it. It’s like giving a special present to someone for supporting you. With the two I’ve done, I’ve gotten the chance to see pure joy from the winners through their Instagram stories or DMs and it made my day!

And finally, what is the last book you gave a 5-star rating to?

Coldhearted Boss by RS Grey

Thank you Michelle for allowing us to get to know you!

Check out Michelle’s romantic and aesthetically gorgeous bookstagram feed by clicking down below!


Be on the lookout for my next guest next week!

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