Rating System

If you’ve read my reviews, and wondered what the differences are between each rating, I’ve finally smartened up. Listed below are my different ratings and what they mean.

5 Palm Leaves – Absolutely adored everything about the book! HIGHLY recommend!

4 Palm Leaves – Loved the book but a few things were either missing or unnecessary. MOSTLY recommend. 

3 Palm Leaves – It was good. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. Recommend with reservations. 

2 Palm Leaves – Has a few redeeming qualities but not a great experience overall. BARELY recommend. 

1 Palm Leaf – Did not like at all. NO recommendation. 

Just an FYI: With my newly updated Review Policy, I’ve added the stipulation that I’m choosing not to review books I don’t enjoy from here on out. Therefore the likelihood of seeing reviews with 1 or 2 Palm Leaves are very low. I’d much rather rate it on Goodreads and move on.