Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Books that weren’t what I expected

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So, it was difficult to curate this list because I felt like I could go anyway with it, negative or positive. So, after combing through the various feelings of a bunch of books, I’ve narrowed it down to these five books.

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

I think I’ve said it a million times on bookstagram but maybe not as much on here—I’m not a huge Jane Austen fan. And so I went into reading this with high levels of trepidation and preconceived notions. However, I am so happy I did. I read and listened to Pride on audiobook and as a native New Yorker, I felt like Zoboi took a peek into my high school love life and decided to write this book. Obviously, that isn’t true but I loved everything about this story from beginning to end. I identified heavily with Zuri Benitez and loved the family dynamic of the Benitez sisters. And enjoyed the enemies-to-lovers romance between Zuri and Darius. It’s one of my favorite books of 2019.

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Generally speaking, I enjoyed reading Queenie. I went into it expecting to absolutely love it and unfortunately that was not the case. I really enjoyed the first half of the book. But, I absolutely did not like the second half. More specifically, Queenie. I didn’t like her character, her decisions, the direction of the story. Nothing. The ending was the story’s redemption and why I gave it palm leaves. I still recommend it with caution.

The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

I’ll preface this by saying I am a fan of Jasmine Guillory’s books. However, after reading The Proposal, I was slightly disappointed in the story and writing style. The Wedding Party pleasantly surprised me. I had all the feelings I had while reading The Wedding Date. Maddie and Theo were the enemies-to-lovers story that I so desperately needed. I sprinted through the story in less than two days! I enjoyed the banter, the tension and fell deeply in love with the characters. I highly recommend this book to lovers of contemporary romance.

Dear Martin by Nic Stone

This is my favorite book I’ve read from Nic Stone! It hit me so hard in my feelings that I had a serious book hangover after finishing it. And that’s all I want to say about it. Please, if you haven’t yet, pick this one up!

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

And we have another book I went into with pre-conceived notions. And what I mean by that is, Poetry is not my favorite literary genre. I have a few poetry books on my shelves that mean the world to me. But generally, I don’t buy them often. And so when I heard there was a novel written in poetic prose coming to a shelf near you, I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy it. Oh how delightfully wrong I was. I absolutely adore The Poet X and fell so deeply in love with Acevedo’s writing and narration that she has quickly become an auto-buy author for me. I highly recommend this book for fans of YA Contemporary.

And there you have it, my top 5 books that weren’t what I expected! What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments down below!