Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Books That Caused a Major Hangover

Hey Bookwyrms! It’s the final Top 5 Tuesday for February! I’ve been having the best time participating in Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday this month.

So, before I jump in, I will warn you that some of the books listed are repeat offenders.

The Wedding Date

So I picked this book up when I was in a really bad reading slump. And I fell so in love with the story, that I finished it in two days. After finishing The Wedding Date, though, I fell into this really bad book hangover. I wanted to read all the contemporary romances with a fake love to real love trope and an interracial couple. And I had the hardest time finding something to grab my attention. Eventually, though I was able to get over myself with another good book.

Kingdom of Souls

Oh man, I had the worst book hangover after finishing this one! The world is so interesting and complex and the storyline? Whoo, I had a good case of whiplash. Every time I thought I had a handle on the plot or storyline I was met with a curveball. And that’s what made the story interesting. And so coming off the high of Kingdom of Souls, I craved this type of complex adventure. Luckily, the hangover didn’t last as long. But I picked up about ten books before I found the one to pull me out successfully.

With the Fire on High

Food & Travel all wrapped up in a book? I mean if this isn’t on-brand with my blog I don’t know what is! With the Fire on High was such an impactful read for maybe a dozen or so reasons. I identified with the main character, Emoni so much. It honestly felt like I was reading a bit of my own high school experience. And when the setting of the story moves to the city of Seville, Spain—one of my favorite cities btw, I absolutely geeked out. And so, after finishing this, I wanted to read any and everything associated with travel. Higher points, if its a city or place I’ve traveled too. After a week of searching, I decided to do a re-read of Love & Gelato, another completely on-brand book.

Hearts on Hold

OH the SWOON! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Hearts on Hold was actually my last book of 2019! But I loved it and sped through it so fast that I chose to re-read it and enjoy it all over again, at the start of 2020. It’s maybe one of the best romances, I’ve read. I fell so in love with the main characters, Dr. Victoria Reese and John Donovan and their sordid affair. Their respective backgrounds and storylines separate are so well developed. And I just couldn’t get enough of it. And so, I didn’t want to jump into another book until I could get all of my emotions about it, out. But, also spend some time digesting it.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

And finally, my second favorite book of 2019! This hilarious, sexy romance completely had my attention from beginning to end … okay more like middle to end. But, I was immediately a huge fan of main character Chloe Brown and her sisters as well as love interest, Redford Morgan. After finishing Get a Life, Chloe Brown, I had no idea what I wanted to read. Seriously, I stared and stared at my shelves for a few days before deciding how and what book to move on with. Actually, I think I ended up doing a poll on IG because I just couldn’t pick lol

And there it is! All 5 of these books in their own way gave me a massive book hangover! But I’m so grateful that they’re in my life. I’m also excited to participate in Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday next month! If you’re interested in the prompts for March, click here.